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2 Days of Freedom Music Festival...

Calling all party goers!! 2 Days of FREEDOM 2009 music festival is back and all set to wow the crowd again at A’Famosa Malacca this May. The event will span 2 days which takes place on the 29th May and 30th May 2009.

Day 1 of FREEDOM 2009 will be kick started by world renowned DJ from Netherlands, Ferry Corsten. Ferry Corsten will be spinning a variety of tracks from his latest album, Twice In A Blue Moon which was released in 2008.

Famed trance music group, Above & Beyond will take the stage on Day 2 of FREEDOM 2009. Above & Beyond consists of Jonathan Grant, Tony McGuinness and Paavo Siljamaki. The event will also be featuring other famous world DJs such as DJ Markus Schulz, Has, Effen, Benny Teh and DJ Kurt who will be performing alongside.

Be prepared for 2 days of heart thumping, pulse shaking music delivered to you live from some of the best DJs in the world. An unforgettable experience filled with rocking live music, hot chicks, incredible crowd and even more music awaits. So come on down and party hard with the entire world this 29th and 30th May in A’Famosa Malacca. Be there or be square!!

Don’t hesitate anymore, FREEDOM 2009 now confirmed special appearance by 2 international Djs: 16 Bit Lolitas, and Australia’s No.1 DJ, tyDi. 16 Bit Lolitas, who are headlining Expression Stage with their unique sounds, and opening for Above &Beyond is none other than Australia’s No.1 DJ, tyDi.

For more information, log on to

DJ Lineups :
Ferry Corsten - 29th May 2009
Above & Beyond - 30th May 2009

P/S : sedihnyer da tak leh gi dahhh...huhuhu...nak gak nak gakkk..awak nak ikutttt

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Happy 1st Anniversary....

Happy Anniversary sayanggg...
alhamdulillah today genap setahun perkahwinan kami.
diam tak diam da setahun tak caya jerkkk..
sekejap je masa berlalu...
dlm setahun macam2 leh jadik ehh..
Alhamdullillah skrg dah ada anak jugak...
rezeki rezeki...
tak der plan nak wat per..
last2 oder jerk cup cake...
thanks to Angelicious Cupcake (nice cake u made..)
nyum nyum nyummmm...
hanya itu yg mampu..hahahah
economic problem..ekekek..
berjimat skittt...
ape2 pun best...cake best everything best..
thank you n love u....

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What Hapend Todayyy

Actualy today
Husband nyer Offoce ader Bowling...
so pepagi lagik kul 8 da bangun..
gerak Sheena mandii...Cian dier mandi awal..
Awal kerr...nggnnggeee
Sebelum pegi antar adik si TIM
gi UiTM ader Photoshoot utk adik yg bongsu SARAH
dier Konvo Khamis nie...
so nak bergambor le posing ngan Jubah tuhh...
pastuh terus shoot gi FlemminggoPlaza kat Ampang..
Ampang Superbowl...
nak wat cam ner Company Husband nih base kat KL
so aper aper kena arr turun KL...
yg best nyer tak amik pic langsungg..
tak teringat lak nk amik gamborr..kekeke..
lepas bowling terus balik umah mertua kat sec 17..
Shah Alam
Sheena ngamuk tak ingat dunia tgok Wan n Atok dier..
ooo da kenal org ehhh...
menangis sedih jekr muker dier...
Tapi maser kat bowling k jerkkk..semua org di senyum nyer..
ooo pandai ehhhh..

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27 to 30 May 2009 Reject Shop Clearance Sale...Shooping Lagikkk


27 to 30 May 2009

Reject Shop Clearance Sale

From RM1

Products Offered

From RM3 onwards

Ladies Apparels

Gents Apparels

Children Apparels

From RM1 onwards

Household Items

and many many more !!!

Time : 10am to 7pm

Metrojaya Warehouse

Lot 15 Jalan Ragum 15/17

Seksyen 15

40000 Shah Alam



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Actually video nih last week nyer..
ari nih baru der maser nak uploadd..
paham2 jerk la busy skit..
Sheena da pandai nak wat Bubbling lak skrg ni....
bubling tak jadikkk..ehheeh
kalkor jerrkkk..

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Today..bwk Sheena gi cucuk 3 serangkai..
Dos terakhirrr...heheheh
sib baik dier diam jerk time doktor tue inject dier...
(gambar tue ta der kena mengena ngn kejadian ari nihhh)
actually Sheena da terlambat gi 1 minggu...
sib baik tak kena marah ngan doctor..huhu..
tapi nak wat cam ner ibu n daddy dier bussy giler...(yer ker)
sooo..tgok cam ok jerkkk..
Sheena tk der meragam pun..Alhamdulillah...
so next month kena cepat ehhh
tak leh lewat2 lagikk..

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Cereating successfuly baby feeding,sleep & paly schadule

Get your baby used to a bedtime routine early on

Once you have a consistent bedtime worked out, a daytime routine will fall into place, says Tanya Remer Altmann, a pediatrician and editor-in-chief of The Wonder Years: Helping Your Baby and Young Child Successfully Negotiate the Major Developmental Milestones.

And the easiest way to establish a regular bedtime is to start a predictable badtime routine that you and your baby can depend on night after night.

"The bedtime routine is the most important thing to consider when establishing a schedule," says Altmann. "You can't force it in the first few months, but you can start practicing at around 2 months."

Altmann says to keep it simple: a warm bath, jammies, a feeding, then lights-out. It's fine if feeding lulls your baby to sleep in the early months, Altmann says, but by 3 or 4 months you may want to try putting him down awake so he'll learn to fall asleep on his own.

Teach your baby the difference between night and day

Many babies mix up their days and nights at first, sleeping long stretches during the day only to perk up once the sun goes down. Helping your baby learn to tall day from night is a key first step to getting into a workable routine.

Amy Shelley, mom to 8-month-old Alex, offers these tips: "During the day, keep the house bright. Do the exact opposite at night: Keep the house dim and quiet. Don't talk to your baby much during night feedings. Let him learn that night is for sleeping and daytime is for socialization and playtime."

Learn to read your baby's cues

Websites, books, your baby's doctor, and other parents can all help as you figure out an appropriate schedule for your baby. But your child will be an important guide, and he'll tell you what he needs — if you learn to read his cues.

"When parents take the time to be with their baby, the information they receive gets sifted through their own experience. 'Instincts' come from learning about your baby's temperament and what works for him," says pediatrician Daniel Levy, president of the Maryland chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics and clinical assistant professor of pediatrics at the University of Maryland.

Mom Liana Scott says paying close attention to 9-month-old Keaton has helped her anticipate his needs, which makes life easier and more fun for both of them.

"Now I'm able to feed him before he's really hungry and put him to bed before he's overtired and fussy," says Scott.

Learning what your baby needs when takes time and patience. But you'll see patterns emerge over time. And if you log your baby's naps, feedings, playtime, and so on in a notebook or on the computer, you can use this record to come up with a timetable for doing things.

When starting out, put your baby's schedule first

If you're encouraging your baby to follow a schedule or observing his patterns to figure out a routine that works, make this process a top priority for at least the first couple of weeks. Avoid deviating from the routine with vacations, meals on the go, outings that push naptime back, and so on. Once you establish a pattern for your baby's sleeping, awake, and feeding times, changing things for an afternoon isn't likely to undo his habits. But it's best to keep your baby's schedule as consistent as possible while he's getting used to it.

Expect changes during growth spurts and milestones

Your child accomplishes so much in the first year. He'll nearly triple his weight and achieve some major feats like sitting up, crawling, even walking. During periods of growth or when he's working to achieve a new milestone, don't be surprised if your baby diverges from his usual routine. He may be hungrier than usual, need more sleep, or return to waking up several times a night. Hang in there — your baby may be back on schedule shortly, or this may be a sign that you need to adjust your routine.

Adjust your baby's schedule to suit his age

It may feel like just when you've gotten into a predictable groove with your little one, it's time to change it again. As your baby gets older, he'll need fewer daytime naps and more playtime and stimulation. He'll also need to eat solid foods — first just once a day, but eventually several times a day. As these developmental shifts happen, your child's schedule will shift as well. Reading up on these milestones and checking out our sample schedules for babies of all ages can help you know what to expect.

Don't expect perfection

Some parent-led schedules set the expectation that your baby's routine will always run like clockwork. And though babies do like consistency, you can expect changes from day to day and as your baby grows. Sometimes, for whatever reason, your baby will want to skip a nap, have an extra snack, wake up before dawn, and so on. And life happens as well — vacations, older siblings, plans with friends and family, errands you need to take care of, and other factors will all come into play in your daily life with your baby. Variation is okay, as long as your baby is getting the sleep, play, food, care, and love he needs to thrive.

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How to make your Own Baby Food...let's Share it

Making your own baby food is easy, efficient, and economical. Rather than spending money on prepackaged baby food, you can use fresh produce, grains, and meat that you have on hand. Perhaps best of all, you'll know exactly what you're feeding your baby.

As an added benefit, going the do-it-yourself route gets your baby used to eating the same food the rest of the family does, a tactic that may pay off during the picky toddler years.

Choosing the right equipment

You'll need a tool to grind or puree the food. A regular kitchen blender or food processor will work, but a hand-turned food mill with different blades for various textures of food is best — and most convenient for making meals away from home.

A hand blender can be used to puree small amounts of food. You'll also need storage containers or ice cube trays for refrigerating or freezing extra portions.

Buying the best produce

Choose the freshest fruits and vegetables (many parents opt for organic whenever possible), and try to use what you buy in a day or two. When fresh isn't available, frozen is a fine option.

Good fruits to start with include apples, apricots, bananas, blueberries, mangoes, peaches, pears, plums, and prunes. Vegetables to try include asparagus tips, avocados, carrots, peas, potatoes, sweet peppers, sweet potatoes, and winter squash.

Some babies find corn hard to digest, and a few are even allergic to it. Others have trouble with gassiness after eating broccoli or cauliflower, so you may want to postpone introducing these cruciferous veggies.

Minimizing nitrate exposure

Nitrates are a chemical found in water and soil, and they're a concern when it comes to feeding your baby. Babies who ingest an unsafe level of nitrates can develop a type of anemia called methemoglobinemia.

Preparing formula with well water that's high in nitrates is the usual cause of the illness, but some vegetables can also contain nitrates. The most likely sources are beets, carrots, green beans, spinach, and squash.

To be on the safe side, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) advises parents not to feed babies these vegetables before 3 months of age. (Actually, the AAP doesn't recommend feeding babies any solid food until 4 to 6 months, but if you do decide to offer your infant vegetables before 3 months, you'll want to avoid these in particular.)

There are a few things you can do to make sure your baby isn't exposed to high levels of nitrates. If you have well water, have it tested. It should contain less than 10 ppm of nitrates.

Nitrates increase with storage time unless frozen. When using fresh vegetables for homemade baby food, prepare the food as soon as possible after purchase and freeze extra servings right away. You might consider using frozen vegetables instead of fresh for the foods highest in nitrates.

Nitrate fertilizers are not used on land where produce is grown organically, so the risk of nitrates is much lower with certified organic produce.

Baby food companies test their products for nitrates. Store-bought baby food — including dishes containing beets, carrots, green beans, spinach, or squash — should be free of these chemicals.

Preparing the food

First, wash your hands, the produce, and all the bowls and utensils. Peel and pit the fruit if necessary.

All vegetables — and fruits like apples and prunes that need to be softened — should be cooked before pureeing or grinding. To preserve vitamins and minerals, bake, boil, or steam the produce until soft. If you boil the food, use as little liquid as possible and add some of the leftover liquid when mashing the food (or add it to your family's soup stock).

To prepare fruits or vegetables, simply add a little liquid (breast milk, formula, or cooking water) to the produce as you puree or grind until the consistency is soupy. As your baby adapts to solid foods, you can add less liquid. If the fruit has seeds, strain before serving.

Grains like rice or millet can also be pureed or ground in a food mill. Cook them first according to package directions.

To prepare meat and poultry, remove the skin and trim the fat before cooking. Then puree the cooked meat in a blender or grind it up in a food mill with a little liquid. For older babies, you can simply chop the meat into very small pieces.

Serving tips

• Serve the food no warmer than body temperature.

• Avoid heating meals in the microwave. Microwaves heat unevenly and can create "hot spots," areas of the food that are much hotter than others.

• Only dish out the amount of food you think your baby will eat at that feeding. You'll need to toss what's left over because your baby's saliva will thin the mixture and make it easy for bacteria to grow in the food.

• Don't sweeten your baby's food. Babies don't need any extra sugar. And never use honey or corn syrup, which can cause botulism — a potentially fatal form of food poisoning — in babies.

• Go easy on the spices. In fact, leave them out entirely until your baby is 8 or 9 months old. Then try a small amount of one spice at a time — skipping the hot ones! Wait a few days between introducing new spices to make sure that your baby doesn't have any adverse reactions. (Herbs and spices aren't generally allergenic, but it's always a good idea to introduce new foods one at a time, just in case.)

• Refrigerate leftovers in an airtight container and use them up within a couple of days. You can also freeze leftovers in ice cube trays. After the cubes are frozen solid, remove them and store them in plastic freezer bags. Fruits and vegetables frozen this way will last six to eight months. Meat, including fish and poultry, will last about one to two months.

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Happy Teacher's Day...Thank A Lot

Wonderful Teacher

With a special gift for learning
And with a heart that deeply cares,
You add a lot of love
To everything you share,
And even though
You mean a lot,
You'll never know how much,
For you helped
To change the world
Through every life you touched.
You sparked the creativity
In the students whom you taught,
And helped them strive for goals
That could not be bought,
You are such a special teacher
That no words can truly tell
However much you're valued
For the work you do so well.

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Update! currently....(Sheena Story)

Today adalah hari rehat n bersama Sheena full time...kekekek...
Aunty Sarah dier gi Teluk Intak ader wedding.
ari nie Sheena bagun lambat kul 9am baru bagunnn..
dier tau ari nie Ibu & Daday dier cuti...
since da pandai dok dlm walker nih...bukan main sker lagik dier....
n since dier da 5 Months nie...lagi la mcm dier da pandai...
now pantang nampak org bagun tinggalkan dier jerkk...
dier nagis kuat2...(padahal tak kuar air mata punn)
sajer nak amik perhatiannn...
(Manja sgat nihhh)

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Iris Haseena...5 Month old today...eyyayaya...Da besar

Today Genap arr Sheena 5 Bulan....
skrg da duduk dlm walker tak leh bagi dier dok lama2 ar...
tak elok kann...bru 5 buln...tulang tak kuat lagikkk..
tp baiti tgok cam kuat jerrkk..heheh
skrg Sheena da pandai...kalo dok sebelah dier then kiter bagun dier da nangis da...
huihh tak leh tinggal da nie...abis la ibuuu...
manja nieee...da la pulak tuh...sker buat bunyi kreerrrr...
kadg tu sampai tersdak air liur dier sendiri..
lawak arr Sheena nie..cute jerkkk.
da pandai main kaki dier tarik sampi kek kepala...da mcm ahli Gimnastik negara..

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Last Last aku yg Demam Selsema....

Huhuhu.Setelah melayan karenah Sheena yg demam selsema & batuk last weekk..
last last Baiti yg kena..huihhh begang pun der nihhh
bkn bengang kat Sheena (per ler) tp bengang pasal selsema..
dah ar penyakit paling Baiti benci skali kalo dpt Selsema nihhh...
rasa mcm nak hempok semua org pun ader nihhh...
waaa geram gilerrr...
Balik keje tdik terus telan ubat...hopefuly esok da ok...

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11 - 17 May : Colours & Polka Dots Warehouse Sales


11 to 17 May 2009

Colours & Polka Dots Warehouse Sales

Up to 50%

All items 50% discount and above

*Additional 10% for ONECard Members

Ladies Apparels


Bargain Corner

Ground Floor Rainforest

One Utama Shopping Centre

Bandar Utama

Petaling Jaya

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For all the Book's Lovers...let's Shop it all

15 - 24 May : Cresent Books Warehouse Sale


15 to 24 May 2009

Cresent Books Warehouse Sale

Up to 80% Discount

Biggest Book Wholesaler in Malaysia

Invites you to a Warehouse Sale!

Books! Books! Books!


Time : 10am to 9pm


Dewan Serbaguna MBPJ

Jalan BU 3/1

Bandar Utama

Petaling Jaya


Organized by Cresent News &

Kelab Sukan & Kebudayaan Majlis Bandaraya Petaling Jaya

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Hari nih ari paling nagntokkk...

hiuhhh tah enapa tah ari nih nagntok giler kat opiss...
Semua cam lembab jerkk ari nih....hahahah
yg best nyer ari nih member lama maser skolah dulu calll..yeeiii..tq Arni.
dier call nak jemput ke weding dier 6 june nanti..(insyaAllah aku dtg yerk Arni)
heheh...papper pun arini memang ari yg membosankan...huihhhh
kat opis keje sib baik tak still membosankan..bluurrr gitu..

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To A Mom....Happy Mothers Day..

More Than A Mother

When God set the world in place,
when He hung the stars up in space,
when He made the land and the sea,
then He made you and me.
He sat back and saw all that was good,
He saw things to be as they should.
Just one more blessing He had in store;
He created a mother, but whatever for?
He knew a mother would have a special place
to shine His reflection on her child's face.
A mother will walk the extra mile
just to see her children smile.
She'll work her fingers to the bone
to make a house into a home.
A mother is there to teach and guide,
a mother will stay right by your side.
She'll be there through your pain and strife,
she'll stay constant in your life.
A mother will lend a helping hand
until you have the strength to stand.
She'll pick you up when you are down,
when you need a friend she'll stick around.
A mother is one who listens well,
will keep her word; will never tell.
A mother never pokes or pries
but stands quietly by your side,
giving you the strength you need,
encouraging you to succeed.
A mother is one who can be strong
when you need someone to lean on.
You're more than a mother to me;
a reflection of Him in your face I see,
a love that knows no boundaries.
I'm glad that you chose to be
all this and more to me.
You share a love that knows no end,
you're more than my mother,
you are my friend.

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7 - 10 May : Hello Handphone Fair......(yok yok)


7 to 10 May 2009

Hello Handphone Fair

Discount Up to 70%

[SNS : Check out a the same sale in Apr 09]

All Orginal Sets

Biggest Handphone Clearance

Brands Offered


Sony Ericsson




and more

Time : 10am to 10pm

Location (Tel 018 231 7338)

Central Market

Kuala Lumpur

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T.A.G by Sarah

1. Saya inginkan subah Keluarga yg besar n bahagia..(amin)

2. Delicious Cup Cake Gift from the special one

3. Hphone W601i..huhuhu..

4. LV handbeg

5. The Huge diamond ring

6. And of coz a dozen of Tulip..

that All...

saya nk TAG...hmmm




*Fasuria Nelly*

korg2 semua pun kena buat gakk ehhhh......

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KidyPlace Mid Year SALE...MAri Shopping lagikk

KiddyPlace Mid Year SALE!
Click for larger view.
Photo Gallery

Sale Information

Company : KiddyPlace
Sale : 01-May-2009 To 30-May-2009


Up to 50% Discount!

User Rating

**Please click to rate the sale.

Average 5.00 rating out of 1 vote(s).

Viewed 125 time(s).

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Products offered:
  • Baby cot
  • Mattress
  • Beddings
  • Feeding Bottles
  • Toiletries
  • Toys
  • VCD
  • Stroller
  • Baby Carrier
  • Diaper Bags
  • Shoes
  • Socks
  • Romper
  • Kids Apparels
  • Playgym
  • Maternity Wear
  • and More
Tel : 03-9133-1201

1. KiddyPlace
L2-01F, 2nd Floor, Cheras Leisure Mall (Giant Bloc
Jalan Manis, Taman Segar, Cheras,
Cheras, Wilayah Persekutuan.

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Warehouse sale comming...(Shooping lagiikkk)

8 - 17 May : Guess Great Value Buys


8 to 17 May 2009

Guess Great Value Buys

Brands Offered


Storewide Great Value Buys

Location (Tel 603 2282 3442)

Lot GF 23 & 25

Bangsar Village II

6 - 19 May : Padini Fair


6 to 19 May 2009

Padini Fair

UP to 70% Off

Brands Offered

Padini Authenthics




Miki Kids

FREE Mystery Gift with purchase above RM100 (S Card Member)

and RM150 (Non Member) in single receipt

Location (Tel 603 2698 2111)

Centre Atrium

Ground Floor

Sogo Kuala Lumpur

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Cian Anak Ibu

Hari nie Sheena Demam selsema...cian anak ibu nihhh..
(pic tue tak der kena mengena dgn kejadian ari nih...) hehehh..
so terpaksa la baiti amik EL ari nih nak bwk princess nih gi Clinic kat SALAM MC...
teruk gak selsema dierr..sampai block dier nye hidung so susah nak bernafas skit la...
so today Sheena meragm skit pasal tak selesa..yer la she still a baby kan so tak tau nak buat aper biler hidung tersumbat nihhh...
Sheena kena rehat n perhatian lebih skit today...(mengadap dier jerk)
takut2 ape2 jadi kan lagik susah..
tue pun pagi tadi baiti da gelabah dah tengok dier yg mcm susah nak bernafas..
hopefuly pas nih dier ok n sihat dgn cepat..

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Family Trip Holiday

so pas nih ingat nak gi lagik la..tapi bkn la tempat samer kan...
planning nak bawabk family baiti lak gi..kekekek
next yer la kott ehhh..heheheh..
planning nak bercuti ke karambunai, Sabah..huhu
Bawak Mak n Abah rehat kat saner...heheh mesti best

Macam2 shopping kat saner...Dari peralatan dapur (pinggan,periuk,kuali, dll)
yg penting Chocolate....yg tuh tak leh tingal...
Bayangkan la hapir RM200 belanja untuk Chocolate nih jerkkk..
stock bertahun2 la tu kottt...tak der maknanyer..heheh

yg nie paling penting nihhh...

(nice view)

Akhirnyer selamat pergi n pulang gak kitorg stu family dari Langkawi..
bercuti didalam negara.heheheh..Holiday nih da planning sejak Sheena lahir lagikk..
akhirnyer dapat gak bawak family baru nie berjalan2 eh..
Flight from KL to Langkawi alhamdulillah perjalanan ok..cuaca pun ok..
tapi sampai jerk saner terus hujan sampai la hari kitorg nak balik tuh baru cuaca ok..

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Akhirnaya sampai jugak

huikhhh..penat nih baru jerk sampai umah..seronok rasanyer dapt balik...
penant gilerr...Baiti baru sampai dari Langkawi nie..bercuti ngan Family husband...
mmg best n letih...letih sbb shopping brg dapur periuk, kuali, sudu,senduk semua labrg dapur n heheheh choclate tak leh missss...
piture sok sok la update...ehhhnak relex dulu tidorr jup...

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