Salam semuer..heheheh
nak share sikit pendapat utk semua ibu2 & bapa2
baiti nak share pandangan tentang "Keibubapaan"
(huhuhu betul ker ayat aku nihhh)
dlm English nyer "Parenting"

Semua org tahu aper tuh "Parenting"
Well When it comes to parenting,
we could all use a little extra advice and support.
Although each family is unique,
we all face similar challenges when it comes to raising our children.
Contohnyer : each family must learn to properly manage their finance,
as raising children can be quite expensive.
This is particularly true when it comes to the rising costs of higher education.
(ini lah kenyatan)

That being said, there’s no denying that different kinds of families will need to make arrangements and accommodations particular to their situation.
For example : Single parents, will need to learn the delicate art of balancing their work and family life so they can still end up with a little extra time for themselves...huhuhh

Golongan para2 ibu yang berkerja pun
berdepan dengan isu yang sama
Learn what options are available to you in terms of childcare,
so you can feel less distracted while on the job.
Sudah tentulah golongan suri rumah sepenuh masa
must also confront considerable,
although somewhat different, challenges.
(nama pun ibu...kita la pun yang peka dahulu tentang anak2 nie kan)

heheh..ader yang bersutuju dgn pendapat sayer nih...
so nanti kiter citer pasal "Working-mom"
disebabkan Baiti pun nak shere sikit
pendapat & pandangan about this issue
tak bermakna kiter
tak boleh kongsi pendapat kan

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5 Responses to Parenting

liana said...

bleh x letak gmbar dia time baby lg..maksudnya lebih awal dr umur 3 bulan?bleh x?bleh x?plis...plis..plis...

Baiti @ Mizz Zizee said...

sorry dear...maybe u can try for next time..sory erkk..

l y n n a s h a a r i said...

klu dh ade baby...lama dh join contest neyh ;)

Baiti @ Mizz Zizee said...

relex...tue tak lamer tuh...huhuhuhuh..nnt mcm2 contetst leh masuukk

LYaFRINA said...

oic...npknyer xdptla lya nk tkar pic tu... jd lya gna pic asl je la... cz pic y lya nk tkar umur asya 8 bln.. ok.. tq baiti cz sudi jwb soalan lya.. waaa msti pening kpala kn.. byk btl pyertaan...