ASTRO b.yond - The full HD Broadcast service in Malaysia

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Astro B.yond is a multi-phased innovation that
begins with the first-ever High-Definition (HD) broadcast service in Malaysia.
It is an entertainment experience like never before, the new standard in television.

what is HD??
as i know HD means High-Definition
the latest in a long line of major improvements in television technology, which has moved from black-and-white analogue to wide screen color digital over the last 50 years. With High-Definition, viewers will enjoy approximately five times the detail of standard definition television broadcast.

Malaysia's first High-Definition broadcast, brings you a complete sensory experience – sharper pictures, more vibrant colours, cinematic surround sound, and a wider screen. Combined, it gives you crystal clear details and a viewing experience like never before.
present it
  • SEE LIKE NEVER BEFORE - Crisp & Cristal clear Image - Broadcasting at 720p and 1080i, Astro B.yond offers at least twice the resolution and 5 times greater detail, sharpness and clarity. True to life color
  • HEAR LIKE NEVER BEFOR - Cinematic sound (Dolby Digital Technology) - Watch your favourite shows on Astro B.yond with Dolby Digital technology, recreating the multi-dimensional audio experience you get in the cinema, right in your living room.
  • FEEL LIKE NEVER BEFORE - Spectacular widescrean viewing and adventure for the senses - Astro B.yond broadcasts images in a 16:9 aspect ratio, which allows you to enjoy panoramic widescreen viewing that most closely emulates the human field of vision.
  • TOUCH LIKE NEVER BEFORE - User friendly nevigation - Incorporates new features eg. 7 days’ programme guide, for amazing, one-touch convenience.

For a start, ASTRO B.Yond are offering five HD channels -
  • Astro SuperSport HD,
  • ESPN HD,
  • HBO HD,
  • National Geographic Channel HD
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