“Cutest Baby in STROLLER“

MomBloggersPlanet organizing contest again
October 09 theme is “Cutest Baby in STROLLER“.

since when la baiti nie adicted with contest..hehehe
(i think since i have a baby kot..huhuh)
so what should i waiting for...
since have a baby that cute already for me...
(ok what puji anak sendiri kekekeke)

the prices was sponsor by:-

so here my cute lilttel pincess

D.O.B : 13 December 2008

here the story about this pic..
actually my Hubby n i was not planning for this jalan2 time...
so we went to JUSCO Bukit Raja,
than found out got big Sale for baby & kids item...
in fact, at the same time i was looking for the new Stroller for Sheena...
finally found one, so Daddy bought it for Sheena n terus pakai...
while i still in a good mood for shopping..hehehhe
hmmmm.. My opinion about using stroller?
of coz one thing it was easy to me bring Sheena for outing...
(heheheh bkn malas nak dukung...senang sikt ibu nak shoopingkan)
so Sheena can sleep inside,play inside and
watch n learn all thing about world from inside her stroller...
right Sheena?

so for those mommy who was intrested to join this contest...
here the term & condition...
so come mommy we join this together...

just follow the steps below and you could grab one of the wonderful prizes.
  • Get a photo of your baby in his/her stroller
  • Write a blog post about this contest with title MomBloggersPlanet Cutest Baby in STROLLER Contest
  • Include your baby’s photo in the post and mention his/her name and date of birth.
  • Write about the STROLLER in the picture.
  • Write your opinion about using a stroller for babies.
  • Include a link to this contest page, PhotoBook Malaysia and AliceWonders in your entry.
  • Leave a comment here with link to your blog post

Here are the links that must be included in your blog entry.

MomBloggersPlanet contest page :
PhotoBookMalaysia :
AliceWonders :

That’s all. Easy, right?

Terms & Condition

  1. This contest is opened to Malaysian babies 0-3 years old at the time of entry.
  2. Picture should be current or less than 1 year difference from the actual age of baby.
  3. You can post many pictures in one entry but should not compile them together. Please post each picture separately to make judging easy.
  4. Entry must be submitted by a parent, legal guardian or close relatives (can enter for child, sibbling or cousin).
  5. Entry can be in Bahasa Malaysia or English.
  6. Contest starts from 1st to 15th October 2009
  7. By participating, you expressly consent for your particulars, entries and photos to be posted on
  8. The Grand Prize and First Prize winners will be automatically qualified for the 2009 Cutest Baby of the Planet contest.
  9. MomBloggersPlanet will select the winners
  10. AliceWonders and PhotoBook Malaysia will handle the prizes delivery to Malaysian address for free. Any delivery outside of Malaysia would have to be chargeable.
  11. Judge’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entertained
  12. Winners will be announced on and also will be contacted via email.
  13. reserves the rights to change, amend, delete or add on to these Terms and Conditions without prior notice to you and shall become effective on such date as determine by us. You agree to be bound by such amendments.
  14. reserves the right to cancel the contest at any stage, if deemed necessary in our opinion, and if circumstances arise outside of our control.

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12 Responses to “Cutest Baby in STROLLER“

Ummi Hanie said...

Salam Baiti..
gudluck :)
mummy kuat shopping so musti ada la itu stroller ..heehee~

Mrs. Amie said...

good luck babe! ur daughter's d.o.b tue i rasa salah lah..perhaps it is in 2008 kan? hihihi... i pun ingat nak join...

Baiti @ Mizz Zizee said...

ha'ah al amie..kekekekekekekek...kalo 2009 dlm perut lagik la nie..hahahahahah....

adianiez AIDA said...

adus. tiada gambo syuhada dgn stroller. stroller pun da tiada. tak dpt join lagik!!!

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